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Every love is complete.

You love a flower, you want to pluck it,
You love a person, you want to own;
Is this the only definition of love?
Is this the only way it has to be shown?
Love does not come in fractions,
Not in halves or quarters;
It is the main course of your life,
You can't be full with just the starters;
If only you can start to look at it in a different way;
You will realize that it is forever, that your love is meant to stay;
You think your love is incomplete, 
Unless you are loved back;
If you don't get what you want,
You always feel there's a lack;
For it is not in accumulating,
Love grows as you share;
Without expecting anything in return,
If you are willing to serve and share;
Remember, every love is complete,
For it is unconditional and pure;
And you always have enough of it in your heart,
This is one thing that is certain and sure.

So what’s on your wishlist today?

More often than not, we are only listening to what the mind is saying and asking for. The mind wants more and more, always.  More success, more fame, more money, more attention, more and more of everything. So, there’s nothing wrong in wanting for more. But in this urge for requesting for more, we forget to appreciate what we already have.

Look around and see. You will find many people who do not have the privileges that you have been blessed with. Do you feel grateful for those? Do you consider yourself lucky for the things that you have received in life or do you only focus on the lack?

See Lack is nothing but the absence of something we desire. And Abundance is appreciating the things that we already have. In the context of desires and needs, it is all relative, and nothing is absolute. For instance, for a person who is blind, having the ability to see is the greatest and the only wish of his/her life and most of us don’t even bother to notice that nature has gifted us abundantly that way. .

We have made it a part of our nature that we only realize what we have when we either loose it or we have felt a lack of it. We must thank the universe out of gratitude. It should not come out of either ‘Loss‘ or ‘Lack‘.

So, while preparing a wishlist of the things that you want, do not forget to count the ones that have already been granted to you, your wishes that nature has already fulfilled, your prayers that have been answered because they may be on someone else’s wishlist today and he/she awaits to be what you have already become.

After all, it’s all relative, and not absolute.

You are complete and whole.

The constant urge to be happy is always there in the heart,
And we feel it is the other that has to play this part;
We long for someone else to make us laugh and smile,
that somebody will do a wonder and will make our life worthwhile;
The whole life we make a never-ending wait,
So don’t wonder and question, if happiness gets a little late;
For what you own inside, if you search for it around,
To the insignificant and the unimportant,
If you still keep yourself bound;
How will you, my dear, ever find the real treasure?
Know that the soul is the only source of real pleasure;
By how the world sees you, don’t ever measure your worth,
When you have faith in the self, you own the sky and the earth;
Your truest companion is your own beautiful soul,
So stop living in parts, you are complete and whole.

Wake up, my dear.

The emptiness that you feel inside is not because you have not been loved enough; it is because you have not loved enough. You have not loved enough yourself, not realized the beauty that you are and the light that shines within you. You have not followed your intuitions, not heard the voice that awaits speaking to you. You have not paid attention to the needs of your own soul. You have done nothing for yourself, absolutely nothing! You have only waited, waited for approvals, appreciations, and attention from others.

Wake up, my dear. The dream is over. The sun is shining for you; shine with it. The birds are singing for you, sing with them. The wind is moving, you too move on.

Love yourself. Pamper yourself. Be yourself.